Machine Learning Engineer• Proficiency in Python programming is a prerequisite.• Strong coding capabilities in Python including NLP techniques, data cleaning and analysis.• Hands-on experience in developing Python-based APIs is essential.• […]


Data Architect AI

Design and test AI algos, models.  3-5 year experience in AI modelling   Data architect should have experience in structured & unstructured data management, and AI/ML data store design.  Asst Dir preferred. Skills and


Technical Architecture

• Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field.• 10+ years of proven experience working as a software Architect or in a similar role.• Strong


Solution Architect AI

• Good understanding of the latest cloud computing, full-stack application development/engineering, data, security, AI and automation technologies using best DevSecOps practices.• Proven expertise in understanding business drivers, emerging technology trends


Senior Python Developer

• 5-7 years’ experience working on product development within an agile delivery framework, micro services build and deploy capabilities.• Proficiency in developing high-quality Python code. Skills include:o Module creationo Linting



The primary tools and technologies for this role include Databricks, Azure Data Factory, Synapse, and Delta tables for data processing and management. Additionally, proficiency in Python is required, while knowledge

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