Solution Architect AI

• Good understanding of the latest cloud computing, full-stack application development/engineering, data, security, AI and automation technologies using best DevSecOps practices.
• Proven expertise in understanding business drivers, emerging technology trends and their applicability, along with Agile delivery methodology.
• Expert-level skills in defining, designing and developing distributed and scalable products and platforms, using reusable domain-specific composable (micro) services running on containers on multi-platform/hybrid clouds (such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Rackspace, VMware, or OpenStack) using the respective cloud IaaS/PaaS/SaaS services.
• Expert-level skills in multiple application programming and scripting languages such as JavaScript, .NET, Java, Python, C++, etc. .NET and related Microsoft technology skills are preferred.
• In-depth knowledge of various design patterns, and architectural styles (e.g., traditional application based as well as microservices and containers, event-driven, data streaming, data transformations and analytics)
Ideally, you’ll also have
• Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Engineering, Computer Science, IT, Mathematics, Economics.
• 10+ years overall IT industry experience, with 3+ years in a solution or technical architect role using service and hosting solutions such as private/public cloud IaaS, PaaS and SaaS platforms.
• Experience in architecting and designing technical solutions for Microsoft-centric solutions based on industry standards using (Azure) IaaS, PaaS and SaaS capabilities.
• Achieved one or more of the typical solution and technical architecture certifications e.g. Microsoft, MS Azure Certification, TOGAF, AWS Cloud Certified, Pivotal, CISSIP, Zachman, ITIL, Cisco, (ISC)2, CEH, SAFe, PMI, and SAP etc.
• Solid business understanding, management and marketing communication skills.
• Significant experience in presenting ideas, products, concept papers to varied audiences.
• Ability to deal efficiently with a variety of individuals and groups in a constructive and collaborative manner to resolve problems and achieve business goals.
• Hand-on experience with:
o Claims-based authentication (SAML/OAuth/OIDC), MFA, JIT, and/or RBAC / Ping etc.
o Architecting Mission critical technology components with DR capabilities.
o Multi-geography, multi-tier service design and management.
o Project financial management, solution plan development and product cost estimation.
o Supporting peer teams and their responsibilities; such as infrastructure, operations, engineering, info-security.
o Configuration management and automation tools such as Azure DevOps, Ansible, Puppet, Octopus, Chef, Salt, etc.
o Software development full lifecycle methodologies, patterns, frameworks, libraries and tools.
o Relational, graph and/or unstructured data technologies such as SQL Server, Azure SQL, Cosmos, Azure Data Lake, HD Insights, Hadoop, Neo4j etc.
o Data management and data governance technologies.
o Experience in data movement and transformation technologies.
o AI and Machine Learning tools such as Azure ML etc.
o Architecting mobile applications that are either independent applications or supplementary addons (to intranet or extranet).
And knowledge of:
• Cloud security controls including tenant isolation, encryption at rest, encryption in transit, key management, vulnerability assessments, application firewalls, SIEM, etc.
• Visualization tools such as Power BI or Tableau and understanding of analytics tools including Azure Stream Analytics, SQL Analytics, Data Lake Analytics.

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